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Strategic Management & Risk Analysis

Strategize your plans to avoid potential risks



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Risk Consultation

We are not your typical Risk Consultants. We are committed to helping you reduce stress and loss potential and improving the overall management of your business. We’ll apply razor-sharp focus to assess your risk, then recommend proven strategies to mitigate risk, reduce losses and improve your operations.

We offer a wide range of services for small, medium-sized businesses, such as:

  • Operational Process Review

  • Workplace Assessment

  • Awareness of Potential Risk and Threats

  • Establish Monitoring and Oversight Processes

Succession Planning

Having the right people in the right position is key to organizational effectiveness and business success. At the base of this are clearly defined roles and responsibilities, having the right talent and effective structure on the systems and processes that are in place.

One SMRA’s succession planning program can help your business with:

  • Strategy

  • Business Transition

  • Operations

  • Accelerate Business to Achieve Goals

Personal Leadership Development

As an entrepreneur, leadership development is the key to sustaining your startup. Leadership training often centers around effective communication skills, business coaching, and understanding the impact of different leadership styles.


These coaching experiences often happen in mentoring relationships or in a more formalized executive coaching program. The benefits Leadership Development are:

  • Executive Presence

  • Personal Development

  • Strength Balance

  • Communication Style

*We employ constellation coaching. If you haven't experienced it yet, please contact us to find out more.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Services



Trusted Partner

Our Founder, Rhys Li, spent years as a risk investigator in New York City and later as a risk consultant for the big 4 accounting firms. He believed in educating business owners so they can grow and expand no matter what challenges they were exposed to. 

One SMRA was born to provide the services that the founder believed as fundamentals for any business to thrive and survive. With over 18 years of experience, we are equipped with the right methods and tools to help you and your business.

One SMRA is a business management consulting/coaching firm based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We believe our client’s success is our objective and we place our clients’ business needs first.

For more information about Rhys Li, click here.

How Can OneSMRA Help?

All businesses require a defined strategic plan to scale up, maximize potential, and achieve its goal. 

At One SMRA (Strategic Management and Risk Analysis), we holistically analyze your organization and formulate a customized sustainable plan. 


Gone are the days of ‘managing risks’. Today we are faced with a facet of unpredictable challenges. Establishing an oversight plan will provide solutions to address your business risks with source funding, team management, scaling up, etc.


As an entrepreneur, you are required to wear multiple hats to succeed. This can also translate to stress and loss of sight for your business. We work with you to gain clarity and refocus so that you can thrive as a business leader in your startup.


An advanced exit plan should be formulated well before the actual event so that you can meet your objectives and provide a workable transition. Exit planning also means outlining a succession for the next step in your business. A properly established and executed exit and succession plan provides peace of mind.

Our Process

Our Process


One SMRA provides a customized approach to analyze your business’ current situation. As an entrepreneur or startup company, the key aspect to the “discover” process is to identify opportunities. The “discover” process provides a roadmap that is fundamental to the success of your business. 


We work side by side with you as an entrepreneur, startup company, or business owner as well as with your management team and throughout your organization. We ensure that all solutions are fully supported, implemented, and running smoothly. We will engineer a system that is unique to work for your business, and will consult and coach you to implement the structure and organizational system.

After we go through the “discover” process, we assess the appropriate implementation process. We will prioritize the steps to succeed.


Entrepreneurs will notice over time that there will be some risks that cannot be eliminated and will be omnipresent. These continuous risks can include external risks such as funding or pressure. They need to be continuously monitored to make the mitigation process more effective. 

A system to monitor the progress becomes the core of the process. This part of the process provides continuity to your business.


Case Studies

Change Management

Case Description

The task was to help a French waste management company to prepare their new board of directors to become leaders.

One SMRA Change Management_edited.png
Case Results

After 6 months of work, three new board of directors were prepared to take on their new role. The task was challenged with the new generation’s ability to lead without risking the success the previous board of directors created. The project not only prepared three new executives to become leaders but with new knowledge in risk taking and handling, they felt more confident to take on their new role.

Employee Sustainability

Case Description

Employment attrition rate has always been an issue at a Swiss pharmaceutical company. The challenge for us was to help identify the issue and mitigate it.

Case Results

The project lasted 12 months that resulted in the development of a long term goal. Together with the business leaders, we came up with a plan to identify the risks and resolve the noted issues. The method also help vet out those that may be a better fit for another department. The company now have retained all their employees since the end of the project.


Case Description

The plan is to help a new entrepreneur develop his business and scale up.

Case Results

After two months of work, the entrepreneur was able to identify his market by identifying the risks involved in each of his previous target market. The next risk was to help him identify his suppliers and products. This was all accomplished through risk management. The lessons he learned from my consulting helped him to become sustainable entrepreneur. He is in the progress to scale up throughout Europe.



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